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Ten Minute Teaser: Lumino City
The Infinite Loopcast Ten Minute Teaser Lumino City by State of Play Games Available on Steam ( Played By @arronhuk on behalf of @theloopcasters Visit and
TheInfiniteLoopcast Plays Hack and Slash by Double Fine
Fleischyy gets his Hack and Slash on in part one of his playthrough. Marvel as he makes statements true, be amazed by his inability to not drown and query his obsession with making bushes burn.
TheInfiniteLoopcast plays Assassins Creed Unity (PS4)
Fleischyy runs through the intro missions for Assassins Creed Unity and finds a woman who thinks she's a chicken. -- Watch live at Highlights: 19:26 Magic apple - watch Arno's right hand carefully, it happens after the cutscene too 25:20 Crazy Chicken Lady
TheInfiniteLoopcast plays Wildstar
Fleischyy having a fiddle with Twitch streaming! Watch him, farm nodes, harvest crops and do a sweet double jump on his hoverboard. Beacuse, Wildstar -- Watch live at