The Inifinite Loopcast Servers

We are looking at getting a couple of servers up for listeners.

Please do not post these details elsewhere but feel free to point people here. The passwords are likely to change and they will be updated here.


Ark Survival Evolved

ark_survival_evolved_icon_by_iiblack_iceii-d8wlq1e Server:
Password: Fleischy
Steam query port:
Add the server query port to the steam servers favorites then the it should appear in the favorites tab in the game
Tweet @arronhuk with any problems
Server hosted by:

Minecraft: Agrarian Skies 2

AggSkies2 Server:
The Server is down now due to the hosting company stopping business.

WURM Unlimited

WRM Unlimited Server: loopcast
Password: arronhuk
Serach for loopcast in the server list, please be nice to each other.
Tweet @arronhuk with any problems
Server hosted by:
Updated: December 17, 2015 — 5:15 pm

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